To all the Germans alive!

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My dear fellow humans,

I am addressing to you at this moment since our roads once again are met at the cross-point of the crisis in our continent. By all means, do not think that I am composing this letter with hate or anger. It is only a bunch of facts, arguments and human friendly questions. Actually, I want to receive your comments and counter arguments. Dialogue is essential.

I am Greek, so inevitably I will start with a piece of History. Some decades ago, my grandfather saw iron birds in the sky. They were noisy and spitting fire. Occasionally, soldiers of the 3rd Reich were falling from them with strange balloons from their shoulders providing them the ability to land smoothly on the ground and start using their semi-automatic machine guns on civilians. Not only my grandfather but most of the Greeks were scared to death by the advance technology of the invading enemy. Consider that Greece’s air force was quite primitive.

Now, I am a highly educated young man, acting for my survival against your modern way to destroy human lives. Yes, I am astonished from the German ingenuity. Because, although you were not allowed to develop an army again after the atrocities you did, you managed to create new ways to invade once more in other countries and make people suffer. I am not a farmer like my grandfather, I am a scientist, but I still can’t understand. You are probably the most advanced country in the EU and among the most developed in the entire planet. Once, you killed people and made soap out of their dead bodies, now you destroy societies for wealth and power.
Your Chancellor receives great acceptance from you. But, consider that although your development even in the past, you were the people who were convinced to leave your houses and go to other countries and kill people you didn’t even know. You think that the evolvement of brain wash wouldn’t be sufficient today to make you believe that you actually “save” other countries by lending them your hard-working euros? Or you forget that even Hitler received vast acceptance even when Germany was losing the war because the Ministry of Propaganda was doing a terrific job decades ago.

Your leader said multiple times that the euro currency is Europe. This is totally bullshit. Europe is its people, not the money. The minister of finance from Austria said that solidarity comes with a cost. Another big bullshit. If it has a cost is not solidarity, it is trade. I understand your perspective. You are a hard-working society, you gain money and you want to enjoy the comfort. But the European South is not about lazy people who need discipline. Of course, we are not so industrialized like you and most probably we will never be. But Europe is not becoming all the same. Europe is to tolerate each other despite our differences.

If the Southern Europeans have to prove that they are hard-working you also have to prove that you are peaceful and friendly. It is common sense that societies would accept “lazy” but friendly people, but would they accept easily “ex-murderers”? If this is your opportunity to redeem yourselves for all the hideous things you did in the past do not waste it. Because if you do; once again the peace and prosperity in Europe will be lost completely. In my country, the government you “suggested” represents the minority of the votes for the austerity reforms, not the majority. Your policies over the euro zone have devastated democracy. Most of the austerity measures imposed are against human and civil rights. They are unconstitutional.

I understand that certain reforms had to take place because the corruption ruled for years but as a young person I never supported this temperament. But what is happening now is not right. My standards of living are degrading because you did not get a raise in your salaries for years? Why, you do not blame your employers for this? I know, how sweet money can be especially now where in most of Europe people don’t have any, but do you really think that this mentality will keep Europe solid? Twice you have destroyed the continent. Why not really save it for once? Don’t you think you owe it to the present and future generations of all the European nations?
Don’t you prefer that your help can be so easy? But what your government did to the Cypriot people made the whole world to see once again a face of Germany not pleasant.

As a human being and as a citizen of the European Union I ask you to think over this. You are destroying the lives of millions. Think above the brain wash, please. Think as humans first, not as Germans who lend euros. Set this example for the rest of the world. Change the aggression into love and acceptance for each other. It is only a choice. Choose the human side of life, not the profit and the exploitation. And if you can’t do that you have to realize that you will let money destroy the cultural bonds and then EU will fall. We have many virtues in common, common perspectives about life, same ideals. All these are a zero when euros are the case? Are we as Europeans so low as money-primed creatures? No, we are not. We are humans above all. We are united humans in the European continent.

Peace and love,

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